The Kanjozoku: Osaka Japan’s Infamous Street Racers

The Kanjozoku: Osaka Japan’s Infamous Street RacersTake home this 750hp ddr ...

The Kanjozoku: Osaka Japan’s Infamous Street Racers

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Racing here in the United States is a culture, a lifestyle, something more than just hanging out on Friday nights and that lifestyle isn’t restricted to the states alone.

This time, we take a trip to Japan to meet “The Kanjozoku”, they’re called “Osaka’s underground street racing elite,” and they are incredibly serious about all that they bring to the community.

The highway runs go hand in hand with JDM culture that this group is hell bent on keeping intact and passing down to future generations to come.

Check out the video below that will take you inside the Japanese street racing culture and all that it stands for. This journey with Bowls Films isn’t one that you’re going to want to miss.

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