The KID -vs- BOOSTED EGO – Small Tire, No Prep

Ozark Raceway Park has quietly built a nice reputation in the no prep world, putting ...

Ozark Raceway Park has quietly built a nice reputation in the no prep world, putting on several successful events over the past few seasons that bring some pretty big names from that world to Missouri, a state not exactly known as a hotbed of non-prepped drag racing action. Don’t light me up, friends from Mizz, I’m not knocking your state by any means. I know you guys have some great events up there, but the no prep scene is undeniably hotter a little to your south and a little farther west.

Eric Bain and his Mustang known as Boosted Ego are well-known in the small tire ranks as one of the toughest cars to beat on any given weekend, and I know I certainly expected him to take the win in the finals against a relative newcomer to the game in the other lane. However, Chase “The Kid” Kurszewski certainly proved himself to me in a matter of seconds, and when you watch this race in the video below from Urban Hillbilly, we think you’ll take note of the name as well.

Chase, in his slick Pontiac Firebird, rolls to the line alongside Bain’s Mustang and bumps into the stage beams. As soon as the green light illuminates, both cars leave together, locked side by side as the hook hard and drive almost laser-straight down the track. However, As the cars near the finish line, you can see that the ‘Bird has pulled out front and despite that infamous Boosted Ego top end charge, The Kid takes the win.

This just goes to show you that on any given day, the more well-known car isn’t always the car to beat. Bain laid down a great looking run, he left on time, he did everything right and just got flat outran. Welcome to the scene, Chase. Something tells us your name will be much more common in the discussion for who to pick in the small tire pool after this race!

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