The Monstrous Bugatti Chiron Roars While Testing at the Nürburgring

When it comes to some of the most respected automakers in the world, you can count on ...

When it comes to some of the most respected automakers in the world, you can count on most aficionados across the board showing their support for a company like Bugatti. When you see some of the machines that the company cranks out with their good looks, attention to detail that seems to be of the highest echelon, and performance that’s hard to argue with really bolsters them to a level that not too many automakers will ever be able to say that they reside in, a class that’s exclusive and every last company who ranks that highly would be proud to say that they have managed to climb to such heights.

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This time, we check out one of the latest and greatest creations from under wraps of the folks over at Bugatti in the Chiron, a car that really took The car guy world by storm as it became the world’s most powerful production car, cranking out 1,500-horsepower and 1,180 ft-lbs of torque from 16 cylinders that absolutely scream when whoever is behind the wheel decides to really pound into that accelerator. When you finally do get to hear this thing roar, *spoiler alert* it is one of the most divine sounding machines that you will be able to open your ears to today.

The video below gives us a few quick highlights of what happened when the car made its rounds on the Nürburgring. As you probably know by now, this is a track where most really want to go all out, so we get the privilege of hearing this incredible machine at wide open throttle. This is just one that you have to see and hear for yourself to believe. It’s difficult to get together just that right combination that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up on command, but I think that the Chiron is able to accomplish just that!

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