The Most Absurd Engine Swaps That We Wish We Thought Of First

We think that there’s a phenomenon that flies through automotive culture that ...

We think that there’s a phenomenon that flies through automotive culture that is pretty amazing to take a look at. In this realm of thinking, if you leave somebody with a mechanical inclination alone for enough time, with the right tools, there’s a good chance that their creativity is going to get the best of them and we can potentially see something insane come out on the other side. The thing to think about here is that if you were to be able to have the means to create your wildest dreams, what would they look like when they finally managed to materialize in the real world?

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With how easy it is to share things around on the web these days, we definitely are seeing more and more of these crazy ideas coming to life right in front of us and it’s just as entertaining as we thought. Some people really take it upon themselves to put together creations that are most definitely worthy of the world’s attention, concocting some of the most insane swaps possible. I mean, who would think of putting a motorcycle engine in something like a go-kart? The results of these sorts of thoughts is a collection that we would definitely consider crazy enough to lay your eyes on.

By following along down in the┬ávideo below, you’ll see the footage of somebody who has taken the liberty of putting together some of the wildest combinations of power that they have been able to source. While some of these Frankenstein looking rights might not seem to make much practical sense, you definitely have to admit that the fun factor is out of the roof. After seeing how these things stack up against one another and accomplish a video that seems to get better and better, be sure to tell us what your favorite happens to be.

When Mechanics Lose Their Minds – Insane Engine Swaps

When Mechanics Lose Their Minds – Insane Engine Swaps

Posted by Big Daddy on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

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