The Most Badass Two Stroke Ever?

Just when you thought that the folks over at Kohler only made their money creating ...

Just when you thought that the folks over at Kohler only made their money creating bathroom fixtures like toilets, faucets, and other creations of the like, out comes another revelation that not too many folks knew about but now that you do, you’re guaranteed to want to find out more.

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In this one, we check out the Kohler WynnFurst P1 car as it fires up a two stroke engine created by none other than the engines division of Kohler that pumps out small engines for applications like lawnmowers and other small tools that you’d find around the house or potentially on a job site.

Anyways, from what we’ve learned about this engine, in particular, it displaces right around 1.5 L but is also able to crank out 280 hp along with 160 lb-ft of torque or somewhere in that ballpark. When it’s really cranking and making that power at 10,000 RPM, this is definitely going to be one that you just can’t resist. Be sure to check it out below and tell us what you think of this thing!

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