The Most Dangerous Way To Load An AC Unit On The 2nd Floor

Sometimes, when there’s no clear way to get the job done in sight, people end ...

Sometimes, when there’s no clear way to get the job done in sight, people end up coming up with their very own creative methods of getting that job completed. However, sometimes, this creative method of problem solving ends up not being so hot. There are really some situations where you might just want to go by the book as to not do any kind of damage. This time, however, as the title entails, these guys got a little bit too creative in a method that will probably have your eyes popping out of your head!

In this one, we follow along with the action as a forklift is picking up a load to a high level. However, the plot twist here is that the forklift that is hoisting the load is being lifted up by another forklift, creating a sort of stack of machines that really looks like it’s not the most stable thing in the world. When that gut feeling finally does come through to fruition, we end up having these things wobbling around and eventually dropping the load to the ground! We would say that we feel bad for the guys on the scene but, if you were ready and willing to try something like that out, you probably had it coming.

Check out the video below that will take you to the moment that this all happened. Follow along for yourself as a crash and burn all unfolds right in front of our eyes and tell us what you think of this solution to a problem that doesn’t necessarily follow all the way through. I think that if they take a moment to look back on how they tried to fix this one, it might be a good little learning experience for the future so that they don’t try something like this again. I guess that sometimes, touching a hot stove of sorts is the only way that you’re going to learn to not ever touch it again.

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