The Most Expensive Car to Ever hit CarMax? What Would they Pay for a $3 Million Lamborghini?

Sometimes, when a trend catches on while on the internet, well, it really catches on. ...

Sometimes, when a trend catches on while on the internet, well, it really catches on. In the car community, you know that we aren’t kidding, especially if you have seen one of the CarMax appraisal videos. At one point in time, somebody had an original thought to take their ride to CarMax to get an appraisal done. It’s tough to pick out who originally did this but the basic premise is that you take your car to the car retailer that the people working there probably would have about no idea what it’s actually worth. Generally, it ends up being a vehicle that the company more than likely wouldn’t be able to sell but after the hassle, the end goal is simply to see what the value of the car would be to the car buying and selling giant. Originally, it might’ve seemed like a waste of time for the people working there but after seeing all of these videos, this is probably more free advertising than the company had ever dreamed of having.

This time, however, we get the chance to check out what might be CarMax’s most expensive appraisal ever and it’s one that comes up a few million dollars short of what the car in question is probably worth. Now, you have to remember that these appraisals aren’t based on the actual value of the car but instead, CarMax ‘s value of the car. Basically, what this means is that they’re only going to give you as much money as what they could sell it for. This means that if you have an extreme collectible like this Lamborghini Miura or something that is highly modified and only appeals to a niche audience, that they probably aren’t going to give you very much for your set of wheels.

As you can probably imagine, a car this rare would end up being quite the interesting analysis for a company like CarMax who didn’t even have the Lamborghini Miura on their list of vehicles to select from. We won’t spoil the surprise for you as this one ends up being pretty interesting to watch so be sure to follow along with the video and see exactly what they get offered on this car for yourself.

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