The Most Insane Turbo Builds You’ll Ever See! Vipers, Supras, Corvettes and More!

We. Love. Turbos. Plain and simple, turbochargers are freakin badass power adders. ...

We. Love. Turbos.

Plain and simple, turbochargers are freakin badass power adders. Besides adding horsepower, they sound insane and can be used visually to add some intimidation factor for the car in the other lane. Add in their propensity to cause cars to belch huge fireballs out of the exhaust, and you can understand why we love them so much.

That’s why this video made our Monday morning so much more bearable. We sat around the table here at Speed Society headquarters and cranked up the sound, letting the awesome visual and auditory joy provide our morning boost. In fact, we didn’t even send for our morning Starbucks after watching this video!

Ten full minutes of nothing but pure boosted awesomeness featuring Corvettes, Supra, Vipers, GTRs, Hondas and much much more. We particularly loved the Purple Viper on the dyno near the beginning, spitting huge fireballs out the side-exit exhaust while cranking out over 2,000 horsepower on the rollers. That’s the very definition of a badass turbo build right there.

We also fell in love with the 2JZ swapped Datsun spitting flames a couple of feet above the roofline of the classic Japanese sports car. There’s even a boosted dragster that takes a trip down the quarter mile with a camera mounted directly in front of the turbo, giving us a great look at the snail as the car screams down the track.

There are many other cars to check out, so just sit back, hit that play button and watch and listen as these badass boosted builds scream on the dyno and on the track. This video has got us wanting to turbocharge all the things. We may just drag out one of our drift trikes and see if we can strap a snail on it today. Nothing can go wrong with that, right?!

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