The Murder Novas First Pass On The Procharger Set Up!

The Murder Novas First Pass On The Procharger Set Up!pre-entries are now live for ...

The Murder Novas First Pass On The Procharger Set Up!

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When it comes to evolving to the point where Murder Nova is today, it didn’t all come over night. In fact, there were a number of stepping stones that had to be observed to get to the current stage of the game.

This time, we throw it back and check out what Murder Nova looked like when, instead of twin turbos, a ProCharger was tucked up under the hood.

In fact, what we’re looking at is the very first pass on the ProCharged setup and the car gets down the track swimmingly minus one small setback.

Check out the video below as it appears as if the Chevrolet Nova manages to lose a rear windshield as it blasts down the track to an impressive first pass.


Check out Murder Nova hitting the dyno on yet ANOTHER setup.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.33.52 PM

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