The New Corvette ZR1 Just Topped The Ford GT Fast Lap at VIR… This Thing Is Fast!

Oh boy, it looks like Chevrolet is on their way to making a real storm come to life. ...

Oh boy, it looks like Chevrolet is on their way to making a real storm come to life. Not just a thunderstorm on a summer’s day, but a real haymaker that’s plowing over buildings.

When talking about performance cars across the landscape, while manufactures might not explicitly state that their main goal in mind is to take over impressive lap time records and put all of the opposition dust, it’s definitely a big part of performance engineering. After all, in addition to the windfall of pride that a manufacturer will take by beating their competition that they’ve been fighting with for years, I’m sure that all of the press behind taking home best lap times at certain prestigious tracks around the world is certainly a good way to move more units.

Let’s just face it, as much of a diehard Chevrolet fan as I am that has to come with some sort of bias even when trying to be objective, I think I can speak for the masses when I say that the Chevrolet Corvette is certainly the benchmark for performance when it comes to bang for your buck. Heck, I mean, if they keep turning out cars like this, you might even see the prices began to rise a little bit, joining the ranks of the supercars that they’re leaving in the dust. As time goes on, the worst part for those who don’t find any love the Chevrolet camp is that the cars just keep on getting comparatively better.

In the video below, all bias will be set aside and you’ll watch the facts as the brand-new Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is already out there punching home records as it managed to round the track at Virginia International Raceway in just 2:37.25, knocking the 2:38.62 record set by the Ford GT down a peg, allowing the Ford to sit at the pole position for less than a week.

If it wasn’t game on already, it certainly is now and whether or not you enjoy the ZR1 is obviously up for personal interpretation but you can’t deny that this thing is lighting a much-needed fire under the rear end of performance automobiles, forcing manufacturers to do better.

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