The New F-Series Super Duty Limited is Ford’s first (almost) $100,000 Pickup Truck

Back in the day, when trucks first started hitting the consumer market and were ...

Back in the day, when trucks first started hitting the consumer market and were leaning more toward regular people driving them other than those who were looking to do nothing other than work, the trucks were still pretty basic. You could get some features but, when you take a look at all of the finishes that trucks today offer up from different wood grains and leathers all the way to features like heated seats and navigation, it’s a whole different ballgame. I think that manufacturers are finding out that people who are in the truck market actually have more of a taste for luxury than they might have originally anticipated.

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Therefore, in the new Ford Super Duty lineup, we’ve learned that the Ford F-450 Limited, a truck that is able to pull 30,000 pounds, will start at a hair over $87,000 and find it’s most decked out model tipping the scales at $94,455. This is territory that’s pretty new for trucks. We have definitely seen trucks with some wild features on board but this one really takes the cake. I’m sure that most people never thought they would see a truck that would roll out and eclipse the $100,000 mark but this thing really has all that and a bag of chips to offer in order to justify that insane price tag.

Learn all about the latest and greatest Super Duty lineup down below that will have you hauling in style, that is, if you’re willing to shell out some big-time money on a Ford pickup. I guess that only time will tell if consumers of trucks like these, trucks that are probably going to be beaten and abused their whole lives, are willing to shell out that much money to get every last feature that they possibly can. I guess when you consider the fact that a lot of these haulers are for duties that take place over hundreds of miles at a time, those creature comforts might make a little more sense.

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