The New Ford Crib Will Trick Your Baby Into Falling Asleep.

With stories like this, it’s almost obscure enough to make you think that ...

With stories like this, it’s almost obscure enough to make you think that it’s a joke. However, when it comes to baby cribs created by Ford, it’s certainly not a joke at all. As many new parents will find, other sometimes, there’s something about long car rides that will put your infant to sleep. The combination of lights, sounds, and the rumble of the vehicle beneath them will make infants a little bit calmer, allowing them to catch a nap while allowing you to get some of that well-deserved rest. However, taking them on a car ride isn’t exactly always the easiest and most convenient thing possible.

Thanks to the Max Motor Dream, a crib designed by Ford Motor Company, you’ll now be able to mimic the effects of a car ride on your infant, hopefully helping them to get to sleep and helping you to get to sleep as well. Now, I’m not a parent myself but from the parents that I do know, sleep is really a valuable asset when you have a youngster around the house. You could even say that it’s invaluable but, if you look at the price on something like this, Ford prices your nap time at around $1500 or so on the crib that isn’t yet available to the general public. That might seem like a lot of money to pay for a crib but if it does, in fact, work, this thing might just be worth its weight in gold.

Follow along in the video below that will take you through the ins and outs of something new from Ford that isn’t exactly in the lane that we would expect them to be in. Who knows, though? Maybe if this project shows some success when it finally does become available to the general public, you’ll be seeing more of Ford at the baby store! If a guy like George Foreman can make millions on grills, I wouldn’t see why this idea would be all that far-fetched, after all!

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