The Next Level Of Lights Shows… This Thing Almost Turns Into a Holograph

Technology is advancing across the board and pretty much every which way that you ...

Technology is advancing across the board and pretty much every which way that you look, there’s something else being developed in order to bring something that might be becoming antiquated back up to par. This is true in everything from transportation to medicine and everything in between, even the fields that don’t seem to be so important and are maybe just a novelty or entertainment item that people will pick up to amuse themselves with like a television or some other electronic entertainment device.

This time, we check out some lighting that uses motion to become rather futuristic looking as it uses the best of its abilities to take advantage of the naked eye, making a 2D object turn into something 3D, almost using its abilities to create a sort of hologram as the person behind this one makes several objects pop right off of the device. No, you’re not seeing things… or maybe you are and that’s the coolest part of what this neat little device has to offer. After checking this thing out, you’d think that it would have a ton of uses!

Check out the video below as light makes objects pop to life in a hurry with minimal effort! I could see this thing being used in everything from advertising to 3D communication in some way. After seeing it for yourself, be sure to soak it all in and tell us what you think of the light show that pretty much pops off of the device and comes to life. What do you think would be the best use of this futuristic looking lighting system?


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