The Official Movie Trailer for Dana Brown’s Dust 2 Glory!

We all love a good movie, especially a film about any type of motorsports, from Days ...

We all love a good movie, especially a film about any type of motorsports, from Days of Thunder to Heart Like a Wheel to the Fast and Furious franchise, if it features cars or racing of some type, we’re usually into it! While the aforementioned films are all scripted productions, the movie trailer below is for a documentary about the sport of offroad racing, specifically the legendary Baja 1000, the grueling desert race that pushes both man and machine to the very end, and sometimes beyond.

Dust 2 Glory is a movie about the Baja, but it’s about much more than the actual race itself.

Looking beyond the torturous route and harsh conditions, the movie casts a light on the people behind the machines that compete in the race and their reasons for competing in the event. From thrill seekers to those on a mission to prove something to themselves and the world, to those who have a bigger reason for competing, like a group of wounded veterans taking on the daunting course on a dirt bike, these are the stories. Some of them are likely to be funny, some poignant, some sad, but they will all be relevant, because the race wouldn’t be what it is without the stories of the people competing.

The movie is actually a sequel, or perhaps more of a revisit to Dust to Glory, the 2005 film about the same event, also directed by acclaimed director Dana Brown. The film will be in theaters this fall, though an official release date hasn’t been announced at this time. While the film isn’t likely to even register as a blip on the ticket sales radar compared to most movies showing in the theatre, but that’s not what this is all about anyway. While Brown and company obviously want to turn the venture into a profitable one, their mission was to tell these stories in a way that will connect with the audience, and you can tell from the trailer that they accomplished that without a doubt.

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