The OG Farmtruck Goes To Battle Against The Mini Farmtruck

When you’re a cultural sensation like the Chevrolet C10 known as Farmtruck, you ...

When you’re a cultural sensation like the Chevrolet C10 known as Farmtruck, you might just inspire others to follow in your footsteps creating some pretty interesting combinations and to date, we have seen some pretty interesting ones that take the general gist of what exactly the roots of Farmtruck are all about and apply them to different platforms and different kinds of racing machines across the landscape of motorsports. I’m sure that it’s something that Farmtruck and AZN can really appreciate!

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This time, we check out a race that has the original Farmtruck going up against one of these copycat versions of the build that has taken the orange brute and essentially shrunken it down a truck size to become a miniature version of the OG and this is bound to be a good one as they face each other and rocket down the lanes. Both of these trucks know how to throw their weight around, even though one is obviously a lot more of a heavyweight than the other.

The suspense builds as the trucks stage to see which one of these orange-clad work trucks can haul the mail just a little bit quicker than their counterpart in the next lane over. No matter who wins here, we have to say that we’re absolutely loving the matchup as it’s kind of a sort of look in the mirror at exactly how fans are able to see the original.

Check out the video below that shows the race in its entirety as these two somewhat twins go at each other in between the concrete walls. I guess you could say that this matchup between big and little brother ends up panning out with a pretty good finish.

After seeing what this race has to offer, be sure to tell us which variant of the Farmtruck you find to be the most appealing.

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