The Only Way to Truly Remove the Cigarette Smell From Your Car’s Interior

For anyone who has dealt with purchasing used cars on a regular basis, shopping ...

For anyone who has dealt with purchasing used cars on a regular basis, shopping around for these vehicles can be quite the task. With a used car, you can get a spectacular deal sometimes but there are a lot of things that you have to look out for because you really never know what the previous owner did to or in the vehicle while they owned it. These different aspects that you’re going to want to point out and stay away from range far and wide but one of them that definitely seems simple but can be rather complicated is that of an odor of cigarette smoke.

If you’ve ever owned a vehicle that smells of cigarette smoke, you know that it can be quite troubling to get out of. Not only does the smoke absorb itself in every single fabric surface inside of the car but ashes also tend to go absolutely everywhere as well, spreading themselves in between, well, just about anything that has any amount of space to offer, really taking things too a new level when you want to get rid of that smell entirely. It seems like a pretty impossible venture but, YouTuber, Samcrac seems to have come up with his very own solution.

If you follow along in the video below, the guy who has become well-known for dealing with secondhand vehicles and his legal battle with a pizza company talks a little bit about what he has tried and has been proven to work or not work when it comes to getting rid of cigarette smell. He talks about everything from the common home remedies that you’ll find online about removing the smells like dousing the car with vinegar, citrus peels, or even something like coffee to absorb the smell and get rid of it. He also takes a moment to transfer his attention to different chemicals that you might want to try as well.

When it all comes down to it, what do you do to get that smell out? If you watch the video below, you’ll be able to find out what one method of solving that problem looks like.

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