The Personal Helicopter That is Surprisingly Affordable!

While we do grow age-wise, I think that, for most people, our inner child can stay ...

While we do grow age-wise, I think that, for most people, our inner child can stay alive forever. Just because we’re a little bit older doesn’t necessarily mean that we give up on these fantasies that many could see as childish but instead, we just realize that we now have a lot more money to spend on them which makes it even better! If you’re one of those who likes to collect toys, what would be a better addition to your collection then your very own personal helicopter? There might be a few things that could rival this type of toy but I’m not sure that if I had the opportunity to grab something like this that I could figure out a way to pass it up!

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In this one, we learn all about the personal helicopter that goes by the name of the “Mosquito.” Even with something as simple as this, you’d think that it would at least eclipse the six-figure price mark, however, as it turns out, this thing is a lot more attainable than you might think. When watching this video, we not only get a detailed tour of what exactly you can expect to get with your money here but we also learn that something like this can be acquired for the low price of 30 or $40,000. Yeah, that might seem like a good chunk of change, however, it’s really not that much more than you would spend on a newer sports car. I guess it all really just depends on what your priorities are.

If you follow along down in the video below, you get the complete tour of this helicopter including what it’s like to fly it and what you can expect from it. Sure, you might not be able to bring any of your friends on for a ride as it is a machine designed for one person only but you can’t deny the fact that this would be a cool addition to just about any garage. Just imagine the conversation when you tell people that you have your own chopper that can fly you wherever you’d like! It definitely could be something to get the party started, that’s for sure.

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