The Predator On A Motorcycle Is The Ultimate Halloween Costume For Motorcycle Riders

It’s almost Halloween, my favorite time of the year. That means it’s costume time, ...

It’s almost Halloween, my favorite time of the year. That means it’s costume time, and we’ve already started seeing some really cool ideas, including this ridiculously cool Alien vs Predator costume, complete with transportation.

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This Predator costume appears to be a dead-nuts accurate recreation of the get up worn by Ian Whyte in the AVP movie. While the costume appears to be a bit cumbersome, the rider beneath the guise appears to be riding comfortably so we have to assume he either spends a lot of time in this costume, or its just easier to wear that it first appears. Of course, it’s probably pretty hard not to look cool when youre riding a custom chopper dressed as Predator.

The bike itself is another cool piece, with a movie-quality Alien head out front and an intricate skeleton that forms the chassis of the bike. The brownish tone gives the bike a sort of fossilized look, which works well to tell the story of the Predator conquering the pesky Alien, then transforming its remains into a mode of personal transportation.

The combination of costume and bike make for an awesome impact while cruising down the road, a look that’s bound to draw tons of rubberneckers and people trying to take photos and videos, which may, in a way, end up being a bad thing. If you’ve ever ridden a bike on the highway, you know how perilous it can be, especially if other drivers are distracted. Hopefully everybody will be able to keep it in their lane and all parties can reach their destinations safely.

One thing I have to point out, only because I think it would make for a better looking ride: maybe the bike should be upgraded with some larger wheels. With massive 30+ inch wheels being fairly common, I think it would really add a lot to the look of the bike if at least the front wheel was taller. Other than that, this is one wicked ride!

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