The Production of the Very Last Crown Vic at the St. Thomas Assembly Plant

When you look in your rearview mirror, there are very few sets of distinguishable ...

When you look in your rearview mirror, there are very few sets of distinguishable headlights that can make your heart immediately drop to the bottom of your stomach. Probably, the most identifiable of the group is that of the Ford Crown Victoria.

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Now, if you’re picking up what we’re putting down at this point, we’re talking, of course, about the most commonly used vehicle for police cruisers across the country. Not only is the Crown Vic affordable which makes it an ideal candidate, but it seems to be pretty versatile as well.

Outside of serving police officers everywhere, the Crown Vic also provided affordable transportation for families as well. Let’s just say that the spacious four-door sedan had a variety of uses but as of a couple of years ago in 2011, it would be put to rest forever.

Down in the video below, we explore the process, taking every last step of the way as the very last Crown Vic to ever roll off of the assembly line does so with a crowd of people surrounding it who have probably put together more than their fair share of Crown Victorias in their day.

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