“Reaper” Quitting Street Outlaws, Tells All LIVE on Facebook

When it comes to the crew that you’ll spot on television with Street Outlaws, ...

When it comes to the crew that you’ll spot on television with Street Outlaws, it looks like an absolute dream, right? I mean, if you’re already out there racing, loving what you do, what could be better than having cameras follow you around and getting you paid for doing what you love?

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Well, as usual, with just about everything in life, something like this is only going to depict a small fraction of what’s going on and sometimes, things behind the scenes can be just a little bit more complicated than they are presented to the public. When you think about it, this is almost how social media works, as well. Let’s just say that the “he said, she said” can really get stirred up sometimes

As it turns out with the individual you know as “The Reaper,” he’s getting ready to throw in the towel as he’s recently decided to take himself off of the list but says that he wouldn’t mind sticking around on the show. From the way that we interpreted his explanation, it seems as if after watching last night’s episode, something that he doesn’t normally do, he simply has had his mindset that he can’t continue on with what he claims to be “the games and the bulls***.” It simply looks like a case of nothing more than everything getting intense in a pressure cooker and the situation simply boiling over. At least that’s how he sees it.

We don’t want to put words in the man’s mouth, so we would recommend that you check out his entire rant on the whole situation down below and how he seems to have been losing respect for the process and how he thinks that he got screwed over while racing to hang on to his number 10 position. After tuning in down in the video below and hearing Reaper speak his peace, be sure to tell us what your take is on the whole situation. Does this drama change your feelings about anyone in the show or is this just a bunch of crazy talk?

Posted by Reaper SS on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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