The Reason Why Rob Ferretti Can’t Buy A Ford GT

It might come to his surprise to many who don’t really tread heavily in the ...

It might come to his surprise to many who don’t really tread heavily in the intricacies of the automotive markets. When it comes to purchasing some of the more prestigious vehicles, just because a consumer has money doesn’t necessarily mean that they can buy any vehicle that they want. Even vehicles that are being mass produced by automakers aren’t always available to the highest bidder, even if there are units that are unaccounted for.

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In a process that is most notably attributed to brands like Ferrari but has also been put in place with highly sought after vehicles like the latest generation of Ford GT, we see a vetting process that is used to pick and choose exactly what owners are going to promote the brand the best by owning certain vehicles.

It might seem crazy but there are people who are paid a lot of money to focus on what’s best for the brand and when it comes down to it, some decide that it would probably be best to only allow these vehicles in the hands of certain enthusiasts. It’s a twisted and complicated road to travel, for sure!

One would think that maybe the ownership of certain vehicles along with a decent following in the automotive world would be enough to get somebody behind the wheel. In fact, when it came time to speculate who was going to get the new Ford GT a couple of years ago, Rob Ferretti seem to be in the running as one of the most popular candidates for that role, if you ask top sources from around the community.

Before we knew it, though, that time for Ford to choose would come and go and Rob would not get the new Ford GT. In the video below from VINWiki, Ferretti gives us his anecdote of a couple of wild times that he’s had with an older Ford GT along with his refusal to beg the company to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on one of their products. The combination of factors will really blow your mind and shed some light on just how much someone really has to love these things to get behind the wheel of a new one.

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