The Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Looks Incredible!

I never really got into the Star Wars franchise, and after watching trailers and ...

I never really got into the Star Wars franchise, and after watching trailers and hearing all the buzz around the last few films, I’m going to grab the whole saga and watch it before The Last Jedi drops in a couple of months. I remember my dad loving the original trilogy, and we had pretty similar taste in movies, so I think I just need to take the time to sit down and watch them and I’ll be into the whole franchise.

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What I do know about Star Wars is that it is easily one of the most impressive merchandising ventures of all time. While I didn’t know the exact numbers until I researched them a bit, I did know you can literally find just about anything you’d ever want in a Star Wars themed version. Lunch boxes and backpacks, hand towels, bedding and actual beds, phone chargers, toys, gadgets and much much more are just a few of the items you can find bearing the Star Wars imagery. And this isn’t just things you can order online, you can walk into most any store and find something inside that’s bearing the iconic Star Wars logo.

As it turns out, the franchise is worth an estimated $42 billion dollars, making it the second most valuable media franchise ever behind Pokemon, which sits at #1 with an estimated $55 billion value. The amazing success of the franchise goes back to the storytelling of the movies and how they draw fans into the Star Wars universe. And speaking of the fans, there is no denying that fans of these movies are among the most rabid and loyal moviegoers, often lining up for days to be in the lucky group to be first inside the theatre for the first showing of each new film.

The trailer for The Last Jedi looks absolutely amazing, with the stunning special effects the series is known for working with the intricate stories woven by the writers to create yet another great film in the franchise. Maybe by the time it opens, I too will understand what all the hype is about.

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