The strength of water, Car hits fire hydrant, water pressure suspends it in the air

We aren’t given too much backstory with this one but what happened here appears ...

We aren’t given too much backstory with this one but what happened here appears to be a pretty clear story. The events leading up to how this car ended up the way that it did is a mystery but the result is something that you simply can’t help but stop and stare at.

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After this car got in some sort of an accident, it just so happened to run over a fire hydrant and knock it off of the ground, leaving all of the water underneath to come gushing out at a high pressure. While rare, that would be a somewhat expected outcome if it weren’t for one additional little detail.

Instead of simply leaving the water to gush into the streets, though, the car involved in the accident with the hydrant landed in such a way that the rear end would be lifted up by the water and suspended above the ground thanks to the gushing current.

Hopefully, the driver was alright as the incident caused a major mess which leaves us to believe that the accident was a doozy when it went down. Check out the video below that shows off the aftermath of such an incident and tell us what you think went down here.

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