The Top Gear America Official Trailer is Finally Here!

Among the shows that you know are going to bring some of the most magical moments ...

Among the shows that you know are going to bring some of the most magical moments from the world of wheels to your screen, you know that Top Gear has always has something special in store whether it comes from the British version or its American counterpart. Formerly, Top Gear USA was a show that could be caught on the history channel and now, with a sneak peek from this trailer, you can get a little taste of what the repackaged Top Gear America on the BBC is going to look like.

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Now, it’s kind of hard to compare anything to the car world’s most iconic trio in Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May who have since made their departure to other ventures, but it’s kind of looking like the show may be something worth watching. Since the History channel version has gone under, the slate is wiped clean and new presenters are getting ready to take their crack at bringing the show back to something that resembles its former luster. Needless to say Tom “Wookie” Ford, actor Bill Fichtner, and pro racer Antron Brown are definitely going to have their plates full in that department.

The trailer can be viewed down in the clip below so be sure to zoom on down there and check it out for yourself and tell us if this is something that you’ll be watching. As far as what we’ve seen around the web about the show, it seems to be an even split between people who are excited about the show, people who are tired of all of these repackaged spin-offs, and people who are still angry at Top Gear about the whole Jeremy Clarkson situation. To be honest, I think that each and every one of these folks definitely has a voice that’s worth hearing but it’ll be up to you to figure out who is right!

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