The Truth Behind Laser And Radar Detectors!

If there’s one market that can definitely be a little bit confusing at times, ...

If there’s one market that can definitely be a little bit confusing at times, it’s that of the radar detector. When you’re dropping your hard earned cash on something like this, you want to make sure that it’s an investment, after all, saving you the big bucks in the long run instead of just taking your money and letting it flow out of the window as you toss it into the breeze.

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With many detectors, you might not even know what you’re getting and because of that, we had John, the President of Radenso Radar come out to give us the rundown of what they stand behind as the best radar on the market. In the long run, between tickets and insurance hikes because of violations this one could be smart to pick up for yourself.

Why is this thing so great? Well, with a plethora of features that are built right in, you’re basically safe from most real-world situations that are going to arise in your path, even protection from some of the most advanced technology that we’re sure some police departments don’t even have yet. In other words, where some might fall short, it really seems like this Radenso RC M has you covered.

It all starts out with what John describes to us as “the best sensitivity on the market,” meaning that if someone is trying to track down your speed, you’re getting the best possible chance to be alerted to that, this technology can detect radar and jam laser.

Now, we know that we can trust John’s word but in an age of lots of empty promises, both John and our crew here at Speed Society decided that it would probably be best to show this thing off and highlight its features in the real world. To be honest, with a Ford Raptor and the Speed Society giveaway SRT Viper, testing it out was a ton of fun.

If you dive in with the video below, you’ll be able to check out exactly what the police see on their screen when you’re running a product like this in your car and also what they might see with some of the other radar detectors on the market.

After really getting a chance to dive into a product like this, you can definitely color us impressed. To pick yours up click here ———–> Radenso Radar

The Truth about Laser Jammers and Radar Detectors

The HARD Truth about Laser Jammers and Radar Detectors, and Do they really work? Real world test with Passport and Radenso Radar. Pretty epic, right?

Posted by Speed Society on Thursday, June 7, 2018

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