The U.S. Army is Replacing The Humvee at a High Cost, This is Why it has Good Reason To

For this one, we invite you to search through your memory bank of random factoids and ...

For this one, we invite you to search through your memory bank of random factoids and come across one in particular. If you were forced to remember what the military is usually found behind the wheel of when it comes to the heavy duty grunt work, you’re probably picturing a Humvee. It’s definitely for good reason as this brute of a vehicle has been serviceable to the United States military for very long time and has done quite a job of holding its own as the in being pretty much the biggest aggressor that exists on four wheels.

However, as with just about everything in this world, the Humvee has had its flaws and apparently, with the way the things have been developing as of late, they saw that there were flaws big enough to do a wide replacement of the vehicle, calling for an end to one of the biggest icons that the armed forces has ever seen. In its place comes vehicles that are designed to go above and beyond, succeeding where their predecessor failed in terms of not only being a bigger machine and packing more of a punch but also providing more protection in terms of how much they’re able to withstand from a blasts along with excelling in plenty of other categories.

If you follow along with video below, you’ll learn a little bit about the trucks that are being put in place to replace the long reigning icon. When you make a decision like this, it’s definitely one that comes with a lot of thought as the implementation of the new vehicles and the removal of the present ones is certainly going to cost a ton of money. After evaluating exactly what the replacement has to offer thanks to the video below, be sure to tell us what you think of this replacement and if you think it’s worth all of the coin that they’re going to be shoveling over.

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