The US Military M88A2 Hercules Is The Biggest, Baddest Towing Vehicle On The Planet!

If being able to tow is the only task that you have in mind, you’re going to ...

If being able to tow is the only task that you have in mind, you’re going to want to pick up a truck that has a pretty good amount of muscle. However, sometimes, even the strongest consumer trucks in the world can’t manage to achieve certain jobs. This is where some of the biggest and baddest vehicles on the planet come into the equation so that they can get the job done. When we mean “BIG,” we’re talking about moving around some of the heaviest duty machines in some of the most unforgiving conditions that you could possibly imagine.

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In this one, we get up close and personal to US military M88A2 Hercules, the biggest, baddest towing vehicle on the planet as it’s able to maneuver its way around in the sand, using its muscle to pick up things like tanks. That’s definitely not something that you’ll see everyday trucks carrying out, after all.  Watching this thing in motion is pure joy as it pretty much can do whatever it wants. This is one of those unstoppable forces that can’t be contained no matter what you put in its path. It’s a machine that’s a surefire way to have a little bit of fun with should you have some free time alone with it.

Follow along with the heavy hauler down in the video below and tell us what you think of this monster machine going to work. When you talk about big boy toys, this is certainly one thing that might come to mind so after you get the chance to check this one out, chime in with what exactly you think of this heavy hauler as it gets down to business. This machine most certainly is no joke when it gets in motion. Stand back and watch it roll as it does exactly what it was built to do!

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