The Very First 2019 C7 Corvette ZR1 Dyno Video

Every once in a while, a vehicle will come out that you have got to keep your eye on ...

Every once in a while, a vehicle will come out that you have got to keep your eye on and see exactly how it’s going to stack up against the competition. When it comes to certain nameplates, a lot of hype is built up behind them before they are even released and once they do finally make their way to dealerships and streets across the country, it’s basically a feeding frenzy to see how these things are actually going to perform in the real world. The last car to really do this in recent memory was the Dodge Demon as it had car fans across the country glued to screens to see exactly how they would perform and this time, it’s a different factory supercharged performance machine that’s doing the deed.

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In one of the latest developments on the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, we’ve noticed that one of the first units, if not THE first ZR1 to see the streets has been picked up by none other than automotive vlogger, StreetSpeed717, and when you grab a car like that and have buddies who like to beef them up, well, you seize the moment and head over to their shop to see exactly what the car has to offer and get an idea of where you want to head with it. Let’s just say that the new ZR1 definitely has a lot of potential in that category.

If you follow along with the video below, you can soak in anĀ in-depth perspective on the latest Corvette to hit the streets as it’s taken to Race Proven Motorsports to get a once over along with a little bit of a dyno session to see exactly how this thing is going to lay down numbers in bone stock factory format. In addition, the shop’s owner and head tuner, Fran Shatz, says that it would appear as if Chevrolet ended up leaving a ton on the table when it comes to tuning, so be on the lookout for these things to be incredibly fast when they fall into the right hands!

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