The World’s Loudest Hummer! 86 Speakers, and All The Bass

When it comes to building the automobile that dreams are made of, some people really ...

When it comes to building the automobile that dreams are made of, some people really have that “Go big or go home” mentality. While some builds might be modest, others really go over the top, showing us that the individuals behind them really took it upon themselves to shoot for the stars when it came to exactly how they envisioned their dream vehicle coming together. The result of this can be a pretty dramatic as these visions make their way to the physical world. With all sorts of creative avenues to go down, this time, we check out someone who didn’t have a need for speed but instead, a need for ultimate sound!

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In this one, we take a dive into seeing the process behind building a vehicle that is simply packed with speakers, something that goes above and beyond to bring as much audio as possible to whoever is listening. In order to accomplish that goal, this Hummer H2 is set apart with the likes of 3 miles of copper wire and 86 speakers that try to crank up the volume, quite literally. All of this comes in the midst of the other supporting components to make sure that things go smoothly and visual modifications that make this Hummer practically pop off of the canvas from which it was built.

By following along with the Ridiculous Rides feature below, viewers will be able to sink their teeth into the Hummer and see all that the mean machine has to offer. Not only is this thing built to perform in terms of turning the volume up but it also looks the part of a showstopper as well. In order to showcase the SUV for people who might appreciate it, the owner tells us that the H2 will see about 100 car shows on average each and every year. I’m not sure about you, but to me, that sounds like quite the busy show schedule.

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