The Worst Car to Buy Your Teenager is an Ex-Cop Car

For those of us who are of age, I want to invite you to think back to the days of ...

For those of us who are of age, I want to invite you to think back to the days of your teenage years. There is probably one car or maybe a couple of cars, in particular, that you remember having the most fun in. They didn’t have to be the most expensive but the experience that these cars provided were second to none! Now, just imagine the 16-year-old version of yourself driving around town in a retired police car. Yeah, if you’re anything like me, that teenage version of yourself probably would’ve gotten into a little bit of trouble with the old-school police vehicle in your possession. This time, we listen to a couple of stories about someone who did get the opportunity to spend their teenage years behind the wheel of a retired cop car.

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Whether it was driving slowly on the highway to mess with other motorists who thought that it was an actual police car or rolling up on a friend’s party to make him completely freak out and lose his mind, along with all of the party guests, over the machine as they thought the police were rolling in hot to break it all up, it really sounds like this individual had a great time behind the wheel of his Ford Crown Victoria. It kind of sounds like something that many teenagers would probably try if they had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of such car without a fully developed brain, as all teens have.

Check out the video down below as Doug Tabbutt, the owner of an exotic car dealership, tells all about his experience with the cop car and how it almost got him in trouble more than once. If you’re lucky enough to say that you had a similar experience as a youngster, be sure to sound off and tell us all about your craziest story while behind the wheel of a retired police machine.

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