The Wrath F-250 Might Be One Of The Baddest Truck On The Planet

When it comes to trucks, there are so many different ways that you can customize them ...

When it comes to trucks, there are so many different ways that you can customize them to make them your own. You can lift them up, you can drop them down, and you can do a whole bunch of different things in between to make sure that your machine stands out from the crowd. While some might go through some minor modifications to bring their own special touch to a truck, this time, we check out a Ford F-250 that really brings a whole new flare to exactly what you can expect from such a machine.

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Instead of just going to the store and grabbing some off-the-shelf parts, it looks like the people behind this one got a whole lot more serious as they have custom work absolutely every last way that you look. No matter what part of the truck you’re going over, we can almost guarantee you that there is some sort of custom touch that you won’t see anywhere else. This one, in particular, looks to be dedicated to those who have served in the military and we have to say that, from top to bottom, we are pretty impressed by not only the workmanship but the so many different ideas that come to life to bring this thing a very special overall appearance.

Follow along in the video below that takes you inside of the Wrath F-250, showcasing just how special of a machine this one really is. After seeing it for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of this big and beefy for Ford and which part of it just so happens to be your favorite. You might have to watch this one twice because there is so much to soak in here that there’s probably a pretty good chance that you could just miss something! You’ve got to love a well-executed plan when it really gets polished up like this.

The Wrath F250

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Posted by Tow Rigs on Sunday, March 12, 2017

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