The YouTuber Project Car Race For $10,000 Is Taking Place Before SEMA 2017!

When you’re poking around on YouTube, you probably have a couple of YouTube ...

When you’re poking around on YouTube, you probably have a couple of YouTube builds that you follow religiously. When YouTubers take it upon themselves to document an entire build, depending on what that build is, you can’t help but keep track of it to see if their plans come through to fruition. What do they do with these builds when it’s all said and done, though, granted that a project car is ever actually “done?” Well, they go out and start putting them to the test to see how all of their hard work is finally going to pan out.

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This time, we trace back to a callout that Rob Ferretti made to Rob Dahm that put $10,000 on the line saying that Dahm’s four-rotor wouldn’t be ready to race by SEMA. Now, Ferretti did win that bet and Dahm is bringing the backup three-rotor Mazda RX7 but, in the process of putting this thing together, it spiraled a bit out of control and brought other YouTubers and their project vehicles onboard to participate in a couple of different challenges that we can’t wait to see the outcome of!

The players in the game will be a couple that you heard of including Matt Farah in his Foxbody Ford Mustang.

David Patterson in his 2JZ swapped Nissan 240sx,

Tommy Farrell in his R32 Nissan GT-R  And of course, the Rob and Rob duo. Rob Dahm in his 3 rotor RX7 and Rob Ferretti in his turbo C5 Corvette


It’ll all come to life in Vegas before SEMA at Dream Racing in the name of figuring out who exactly put together the best car after doing a half mile speed contest and 20-minute hot lap session with Justin Bell behind the wheel of each car. It should be quite interesting to see which of these machines comes out on top.

If you’re looking to check it all out, the event is free to spectate at Dream Racing October 25 from 7-10 am. Ferretti tells us that if people who want to strut their stuff come, they can drive the same track with dream racing cars if they want. If you tell them you’re there for the YouTube showdown or enter the promo code “YouTube” you’ll even get a signed poster of all of the guys at registration and be entered to win prizes based off of lap times.

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