These are the top 10 most intriguing firewood cutting machines

These wood cutting machines are just absolutely awesome to watch. Taking what was, ...

These wood cutting machines are just absolutely awesome to watch. Taking what was, for hundreds of years, one of the most inefficient tasks known to man and turning it into an effortless and timely process is a testament to the power of the human mind and a little technology. These machines take logs of various sizes and churn out piles of ready-to-burn firewood in a matter of minutes instead of the hours it would take a man with an axe.

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Some of these appear to be professionally manufactured machines, and some look like they may be home-built contraptions, but they all do the job and do it well. The premise is the same for each of them: insert a length of log and the cutter will saw it into shorter plugs, which are then pressed onto, and through, a series of blades that split the plugs into small pieces of firewood that are ready for your fireplace. One of them that stands out is the Bobcat attachment that simply bolts onto the diminutive do-it-all and spits out piles of wood in just moments.

There is also one machine that churns piles of felled trees into shavings as fast as the attached crane can feed it, obliterating piles of smaller logs and spitting out mountains of shavings. This is definitely one of the most enjoyable processes to watch, seeing such a monumental task turned into a simple, quick process.

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