These Aussie Burnout Competitors Didn’t Even Make it 5 Seconds Before Wrecking HARD

If you want to talk about a burnout display the will really blow your mind, ...

If you want to talk about a burnout display the will really blow your mind, you’d better check out the skid pad competitions that they have going on down in Australia, throwing powerful cars into the mix as they throttle down and really have at it, pushing their high powered machines to the limit as they absolutely brutalize the tires, turning that black rubber into white smoke in a hurry. It’s all about who can make the most noise and the biggest cloud. These contests can be a truly great time, that is, if you can manage to get the party started in exactly the right way.

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In this one, we check out a couple of drivers who might not have had the best luck getting into their display. Instead, it looks like some of these guys got ahead of themselves or simply lost focus for a moment as their cars would go out of control and end up plowing straight into the wall without much notice. With how gung ho some of these drivers were, you can bet your bottom dollar they were about to put on the display of a lifetime but I guess that we will really never know if that was going to come through to fruition or not as they would plow into the wall and prevent the coming show.

If you follow down in the video below, you’ll see some of the biggest turn in fails as drivers got a little bit giddy and ended up plowing straight into the wall. This is something that you never like to see because it definitely takes away from the show at hand, however, when a crash like these happens, you simply can’t help but keep your eyes feasted on the action. After following along with the entertaining group of crashes below, tell us which one had your eyes glued to the screen the most.

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