These Buggies Skip Across The Water Like Boats!

Alright, now this looks like a great way to pass the time. Our buddies over at Busted ...

Alright, now this looks like a great way to pass the time. Our buddies over at Busted Knuckle Films were on hand for Formula Offroad 2017 at Bikini Bottoms Off Road Park in Dyersburg, Tennessee, where they caught some awesome footage of the water skipping contest. If you don’t know what that is, basically it’s the same principle as skipping rocks across the water, only these are side-by-sides and rock bouncers doing the skipping instead.

These guys get a little bit of a running start and hit the water wide open, sending mud and water spraying high into the air behind them. As long as the keep the RPM’s up and the wheel’s at max speed, they drive right across the lake like it’s nothing. Of course, not everybody makes it all the way to the opposite shore, some of the rigs coming up just short and some barely making it into the water at all before sinking to the mucky lakebed. Luckily, the deepest point of this lake is only a couple of feet, so no buggies were lost to the depths, they just had to be drug out and returned to dry land with winches.

Joining the fun this year was the Formula Offroad guys from Iceland, who offered up a few tips and tricks for the locals to help them have the best shot at reaching the other side of the lake and not have to be dragged back to shore. They had ideas like bolting on extra skid plates, using tie straps to lock down the suspension, and putting snorkels on the intake to keep it from sucking water if things go badly. From there, it’s all technique and keeping the engine screaming so that the tires keep slinging water and keep the rig on top.

This looks like a heck of a good time, and we thank the guys at Busted Knuckle for bringing us this footage. These guys always get it done and capture everything in the off road world!

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