These Guys Are Literally Trying to Mine Platinum From the Highway!

When it comes to the scientific method, this guy takes things to a level most of us ...

When it comes to the scientific method, this guy takes things to a level most of us would never bother with just to prove his theory, but after all the time, work and knowledge that went into this experiment, we have to say that he did prove his point and prove that there is actually platinum lying on the side of the road, there just isn’t much.

Hitting the side of the freeway in the middle of the night with a buddy and a couple of brooms, this guy swept up a big pile of what most of us would consider garbage and took it home to begin breaking it down into separate smaller piles. After removing the big chunks of rubber and garbage, he was left with a bag of dust, most of which consisted of of rock and rubber dust. However, after applying some chemistry expertise to the dust, he was able to separate out the metals, finding a small bead of metal left after all the chemicals had done their job.

 Continuing to refine his find, he applied another chemical solution that dissolved most of the metal away, leaving what was most likely sliver, which is certainly valuable as an asset. However, his mission was to find platinum, so he kept going until he finally figured out that there was a measurable amount of platinum in the roadside dust and debris, and while he found what would have to be considered the smallest of traces of the valuable metal, if you were to come up with a way to gather up tons of the stuff from all of the highways in the nation, there’s probably a great deal of platinum to be found.

We have to admire this guys dedication to proving his point and the hard work he put into the process, as well as his tremendous knowledge of chemicals and their usage in his mission to prove his theory.

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