These Guys Make Custom One Off Wheel Chairs For Handicapped Kids… AWESOME!

It seems like we’re hammered with bad news constantly. The news outlets realized ...

It seems like we’re hammered with bad news constantly. The news outlets realized decades ago that bad news draws viewers and they have long since been a source of little more than the worst side of humanity.

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For quite some time, there was a lot of positivity in the social media world, but over the past few years, that’s given way to a constant flood of hateful, divisive bullshit that actually prompted me to delete the Facebook app from my phone and take a huge step back from all social media.

However, through all the black cloud of badness, there comes an occasional glimpse of positivity and goodness to remind us that, despite how it may seem, everything in the world doesn’t suck. We have one of those stories for you today.

Ryan Weimer’s son Keaton was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, which meant the adorable little fella would require the use of a wheelchair for the rest of his life. However, when Halloween came and Keaton announced that he intended to be a pirate, the thought of his son as “just a pirate in a wheelchair” prompted Ryan to take the costume one amazing step farther, literally transforming Keaton’s wheelchair into a his very own vessel!

Upon completion of the project, Ryan realized there may be other kids out there who would find some joy in a similar creation for their mobility aids, so Weimer started a Kickstarter page and raised an awe-inspiring $25,000 to start Magic Wheelchairs. With the help from those around the world who shared his vision for creativity and fun for these kids, Ryan has been able to make many amazing wheelchair costumes that don’t cost the parents a dime. You can see some the the amazing creations in the video below!

Keep your heads up, friends. Look beyond the news and social media and see what kind of positive vibes exist in the world around you.


Magic Wheelchair

With a lot of heart and determination, the sky’s the limit. The work of Magic Wheelchair is truly inspiring.

Posted by George Takei on Thursday, July 5, 2018

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