These Mini-Ships Teach Pilots How to Navigate Major Waterways

It might all seem like one giant game, but the use of these ships that appear to be ...

It might all seem like one giant game, but the use of these ships that appear to be toys is far short of child’s play and they go a long way toward helping out ship captains.

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In this facility in Grenoble, France, captains are able to brush up their skills in somewhat scaled down real life situations that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to practice in real vessels.

According to the owner of this school, complete success in his line of work is when a captain comes to him after participating and claims that operating the miniature ship reminds him much of his own vessel.

When everything is just right, the captains can get a better grasp on skills such as close proximity maneuvering with other ships, shallow water conditions, and many other real-world situations.

Check out the video below that shows how the 1:25 scale world works on this13-acree man-made lake that definitely looks like something that is both educational and a blast.

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