They ALREADY Modded a Dodge Demon and it SCREAMS!

When the next big thing in the high-performance community comes out, you know that ...

When the next big thing in the high-performance community comes out, you know that it’s only a matter of time before somebody with enough money to play with it ends up wandering through the doors of a performance shop where they begin to toy around with it a little bit. With a car like the Dodge Demon promising incredible things on the drag strip straight out of the box, it’s going to be pretty interesting to see just how far they can push these things as different tuners are able to put their magical touch on the cars and they begin to sculpt them, even more, to make sense on the drag strip.

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This time, the man behind the sticks is not another than Josh Schwartz, the owner of High Horse Performance in the great state of Delaware. Like we said, these cars a pretty husky to start with so only some basic modifications should make them do some pretty amazing things. Therefore, the simple swap of a pully and a little bit of tuning was on its way to helping this Demon to unleash its untapped potential and while it didn’t touch the 9.65-second mark in the quarter, we were pretty impressed nonetheless as it still ended up knocking home some stout passes, even with a lack of traction in the mix.

If you follow along in the video below, you get a glimpse at the first taste of what a modified Demon is going to look and sound like. We would say that a full interior here, unlike the car that made the 9.65-second pass, put this Demon in a pretty good place to move forward. We have to say that we’re all pretty excited to see exactly what comes of it when the car is able to make some more passes and the shop can really get a feel for it.

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