They Got Kicked Out Of Carmax For Trying To Sell a $500 Car

When it comes to YouTube, you can count on the idea that if one specific trend ...

When it comes to YouTube, you can count on the idea that if one specific trend catches traction, it will quickly spiral out of control and eventually be on the channel of just about every major YouTuber that there is within a certain category. For the automotive vlogger category, one of those trends might just so happen to be that of taking your vehicle to Carmax and trying to sell it, seeing exactly what the company will offer you for some sort of rare or specialty car, a vehicle that Carmax isn’t really supposed to specialize in as they look for those quick sale vehicles that they can get in and out of, maximizing their profit while minimizing their time invested. They essentially deal with the 99% of cars that you’ll see on a regular basis.

However, it seems that after all of these visits to Carmax with the 1% of vehicles that yielded no sales, the company has finally began to take notice. There’s a fine line between giving the company exposure and making them look stupid because essentially, to somebody who doesn’t know what’s going on, which seems to be a rather large group these days, these offers might seem like a lowball, maybe indicating how Carmax values the trade-ins. In reality, it just turns out that the company probably doesn’t want to buy your hard-to-sell car and giving you an offer that is incredibly conservative is basically their way of nicely telling you they don’t want to deal with it.

In the video below, however, we tune in with a video that has YouTuber, Rob Ferretti, heading to a Carmax in Texas and filming the entire ordeal as he genuinely needs to get rid of a cheap vehicle, however, when the employees catch him rolling the camera, they basically kicked him out and don’t give him any offer at all. I guess that, at least in this local branch, they don’t really take kindly to all of the YouTube videos that secretly showcase what’s going on at Carmax locations.

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