This Backwoods Tow Truck Makes Mater Look Like a Cadillac!

In the offroading world, we’ve seen a shift in recent years to some pretty ...

In the offroading world, we’ve seen a shift in recent years to some pretty high-tech stuff in buggies and crawlers and bouncers. From fuel injected engines to tricked out suspensions, the world out in the woods has changed. However, some folks out there like to keep in touch with when things were simpler, like this guy who built a tow truck out of a frame and a couple of lawnmower engines and some good old redneck ingenuity.

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Powered by a 6.5 horsepower engine, this tow truck isn’t going to set the woods on fire with blazing speeds, but for cruising through the trails and pulling out stuck enthusiasts with the hand-built tow bar and winch setup on the rear. Using a comfy, if somewhat broken in, bench seat for comfort and having mated the drive engine to a transmission, there’s some really neat touches in this rig.

Out back, there’s another small engine that powers the winch used to pull out the unfortunate off-roaders who find themselves unable to return to the trails. The Good Samaritan also carries a splash of gas in a jug on the rear in case somebody happens to run out while on their romp through the wilderness. The driver knows his limits though, mentioning that he can pull some smaller trucks from the muck, but big ones like the massive Silverado that is about to drive into the mud may be beyond the retrieval capacity of his homebuilt rig.

While we certainly enjoy the advancements in technology that drive the off-road segment forward, we love seeing projects like this from guys that are just out there to have a good time and keep the fun in the sport. Hopefully, there are some more rigs like this out there that we can find and bring to you as well.


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