This Biker Almost Lost His Life When He Got Hit By Flying Wheel From Passing Car!

Every single day when you walk out that door, you really never know what could ...

Every single day when you walk out that door, you really never know what could possibly happen. Now, that is to say that you should live a sheltered life or anything of that effect, however, is important to be aware of your surroundings and be ready for things as much as you can be within reason. This time, however, which I got a situation that’s incredibly out of the hands of everybody who was involved here. There was literally nothing they could do to get out of the way of the situation and all that wasPossible here was toHope for the best.

And this one, we watch from a dash cam is a truly amazing sight unfolds In front of our eyes.This is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and not in a wayThat you would want to be involved in.Instead, most of the factors here evolve in exactly the wrong way So this motorcycle riders calling the wrong place at the wrong time.The only saving grace of the matter is that he did end upWalking away from this one.It would also appear as if he suffered minimal damage to his body in the acts that looked like it was pretty sure to cause a pretty big injury at bare minimum.

Video Baloche is off the exact moment that we’ll flew off of a car, hit another car, and ended up taking the motorcycle right out from underneath of this rider. It’s incredible to watch them personally, to be able to grasp what exactly happened here, had to watch it several times myself. I guess that in the scheme of things, this guy should probably feel lucky to still be alive, however, he really did manage to get himself tied up in a once-in-a-lifetime situation. If this is a story to tell her parties, not really sure what it is.

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