This Brutal Crash Is Exactly Why This Racer Was Pulled Off The List In The First Place

Street Outlaws New Orleans racer Jason Thames has been kicked off the New Orleans Big ...

Street Outlaws New Orleans racer Jason Thames has been kicked off the New Orleans Big Tire list for safety reasons after spending a lot more time sideways than he would like. Thames took his Corvette, nicknamed Justice, and presumably tried to get the chassis lined out so he could try to earn a shot at getting back on. Instead, disaster struck just as the car neared the finish line on its first full pass.

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Lined up with Chris in the Swamp Thing Longtop Nova station wagon, Jason looked to be on a pretty solid run. Both cars launched hard and straight and they were putting on a show, welded door to door for the first 150 feet or so. Although Swamp Thing had started to creep ahead, Thames knew he should stay in the throttle, just in case Chris had to lift for any reason. It was Jason, however, that should have gotten out of the throttle, as Swamp Thing blasted across the stripe after a solid run while Justice decided to head for the early turnoff. The problem with that is there isn’t an early turnoff, meaning the swoopy blue ‘Vette was headed instead for the guardrail.

As Thames slid sideways, everybody was surely hoping for the car to just tap the wall and skid to a stop with all 4 wheels on the ground. Instead, the car plowed into the wall and began rolling down the shutdown area, sending Jason on a brutal ride he’ll never forget if he remembers it at all. He seemed to be dazed and hurting but suffered no major injuries. Jason had built another ‘Vette but sold it before ever taking it down the track to our understanding, and is currently pursuing his racing hobby via other outlets. It looks like kicking Jason off the list was the right call, after all.

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