This Collection of Mega Trucks is Going Full Send and Then Some

Mud trucks really have it rough. Sure, they are purpose-built to be absolutely beat ...

Mud trucks really have it rough. Sure, they are purpose-built to be absolutely beat on but when you watch the way that the drivers throw them around, it might leave you to wonder if that could ever be good enough for the abuse that these machines face on a regular basis. If you have ever watched the likes of a compilation video like this, you know that these film crews go above and beyond to all different sorts of off-road events with the aim of capturing that one moment that makes the entire process completely worth the long and hard hours invested in filming.

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This time, we check out a Mud Stamp Films video that takes the liberty of compiling some of the most intense among those payoff moments as a variety of off-road machines go slamming and banging through the dirt in a series of big air moments that threaten to send these mega mud trucks back to the pits for a little bit of TLC before they’re able to compete again!

When you head out to the elements, you tend to get the mentality of leaving it all out there on the course and these drivers most certainly left it all in the dirt and then some as they pushed their rides right up to the tipping point that could cause them to tumble over or even be thrashed to the point of no return as parts fail and leave these truck owners to limp back to a place to be repaired once again.

Check out this ultimate compilation down in the flick below that will put you on location with some of the most intense situations in all of mega truck racing in this adrenaline filled sequence of action that might just make you break a sweat.

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