This Compilation of Boating Fails Will Make You Curl Inside

When you are ready to head out on the water, boating might seem like a pretty simple ...

When you are ready to head out on the water, boating might seem like a pretty simple and straightforward process but the reality is that there are a lot more complications and things that you have to pay attention to than you might have imagined. By keeping an eye on these factors, you’re not only keeping yourself safe but are acting responsibly for the innocent bystanders surrounding you. This is why they have entire courses designed to teach you how to safely operate a watercraft.

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While the scenes in this video might seem a little bit few and far between, the truth is that situations like this are a lot more common than you might have imagined as people head out of the water with absolutely no idea what they’re doing and that’s when things end up getting bad. When the sequence starts to get going, things can happen incredibly fast and escalate to a bad spot in no time at all.

Now, some of these incidents might have been tied up in something that was purely bad luck but others definitely stem from people getting a little bit ahead of themselves as far as what they’re trying to do versus how much skill they actually have to do it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of most times but something that can definitely be learned from. Some of the situations end up getting a little bit ugly, though, to say the least!

Check out the video below that takes you on the scene of a variety of boating situations gone wrong ranging in everything from crashes to ships getting dropped off lifts and everything in between. One thing definitely stays constant for every one of these situations in the fact that everyone here probably wishes that they could have a do-over.

Boatload of Fails

Failure by the boatload!

Posted by FailArmy on Thursday, October 4, 2018

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