This CRAZY Homemade Electromagnetic Gun is Completely Insane!

This CRAZY Homemade Electromagnetic Gun is Completely Insane!The Last CTS-V3 ...

This CRAZY Homemade Electromagnetic Gun is Completely Insane!

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When it comes to toying around in the garage, most of us would probably construct something cool but completely useless. This guy, on the other hand, went all out!

Instead of being anywhere near useless, this dude goes insane with the science and creates his very own electromagnetic rail gun that’s as insane as it is sketchy.

When they’re hooking this thing up, we can already tell that we would be the friend that is hiding back in the bushes somewhere when the homemade creation fires.

Check out the entire process below including the destruction of the gun when it finally does go off. It looks like it’s time for a little bit more heavy duty hardware.

Check out a homemade Steampunk style Gatling gun below!



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