This forklift fail compilation will make you think twice when operating one

If you’re working in a setting that requires lots of heavy moving, you might ...

If you’re working in a setting that requires lots of heavy moving, you might find that forklift can take the workload down one big notch as it uses its power to get massive amounts of products to wherever you need them to be. However, that isn’t to say that the job will just be easy riding, though.

In this one, we take a look at some folks who have gotten their hands on a forklift and couldn’t quite handle the responsibility that comes with operating such a machine as it carries along massive amounts of weight.

From just tipping over a single forklift to accidentally knocking over all of the shelves in a warehouse, this video captures some epic fails and people who really wish that there was a “do over” button on life. we can’t say that we really blame them, either.

Check out the video below that displays this collection of fails and tell us which of these you think was the worst of the bunch. Some of these guys got away with a scare but others might have some explaining to do in order to keep their jobs come Monday.

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