This Genius Under Carriage Sprayer Makes Cleaning The Bottom of Your Car Easy!

When it comes to keeping your undercarriage clean at home, there aren’t a lot of ...

When it comes to keeping your undercarriage clean at home, there aren’t a lot of options, and until this one, none of them have been convenient. The easiest way is to put your car or truck on a lift and raise it up so you can easily access the bottom side. Alternatively, you can jack your ride up high enough to squeeze under it with a hose and knock as much grime and gunk as possible out from under there that way. One of these is fairly expensive and the other is inconvenient and a little dangerous. Well now there’s a third option and it seems like the ideal compromise of ease of use and effectiveness.

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What you’re looking at is a driveway scrubber attachment for a pressure washer that has been mounted onto a wooden dolly that you can pick up from just about any hardware store. Simply flip the scrubber upside down and run the handle through the open center of the dolly. Hook the hose to a pressure washer and there it is, a powerful, easy to use undercarriage cleaner. With the long handle and big swiveling casters, the contraption is easy to maneuver under the vehicle and the spinning blast of water will definitely knockout all of the road grime that tends to build up under our vehicles.

If you drive a pickup, chances are you won’t even have to jack it up to use this. If you drive a car, you may need to pull it up on ramps or jack it up, but at least with this sprayer, you don’t have to get under the car yourself to reach all the areas you want to clean. We love that somebody figured out such an effective way to clean your undercarriage and shared it with us, because this is definitely something we need to do more often than most of us actually do. Let us know what kind of shortcuts you’ve found that help with cleaning your ride?


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