This Guy Bought a New Car and Promptly Hits a Deer

Buying a new car can be a very exciting time. There’s just something about ...

Buying a new car can be a very exciting time. There’s just something about buying a fresh sports car and driving it home when you get that dream ride after all the searching and financial planning that it took to be able to call it your very own. This time, we catch up with YouTuber, Rob Ferretti, as he finally gets his hands on a BMW M Roadster that he’s been eyeing up for some time. After driving for hours upon hours to go pick the car out, he finally gets a chance to check it out, exchange currency, and get the car on the road home. However, as it turns out, it wouldn’t be very long before that blissful joy of driving this thing came to a sudden screeching halt.

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Rob says that he was still within earshot of the owner’s house when the car plowed straight into a deer. Now, the collision didn’t do all that much damage but I would have to say that running into a deer probably isn’t at the top of your list of things to do as soon as you just purchase a car.

It had to be quite the incident that probably made his heart jump straight out of his chest when he was sitting there thinking about all of the damage that could’ve just been done to this car that he literally drove away with no more than a couple of minutes prior. There’s not much, outside of more damage, that could’ve made this more of a pain in the rear to bring down the tone of an exciting time.

Check out the video below to see the damage and learn about exactly what Rob thought of this little blooper that happened so shortly after getting behind the wheel of this new machine. After something like that, I would feel that this omen might just lead me to head straight home and put the car back up for sale yet again after fixing the damage done by the deer, of course

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