This Guy Built a 6-Speed Transmission Out of LEGOs… And It Is Fully Functional

With the invention of LEGOs came an interesting engineering set that would allow kids ...

With the invention of LEGOs came an interesting engineering set that would allow kids to build whatever it is that theire minds could come up with. While they might have started out as a simple child’s play toy, the constructions that have been made from the bricks certainly have not stayed on that simple level.

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Let’s just say that with each and every build, the end result has become more and more complex and intricate, showing off how the real world can be duplicated in building block form. It’s really amazing what people can shrink down or build to scale with these tiny little bricks that come together to paint whatever picture you’d like.

In this one, we catch up with a guy who has managed to build a fully functioning 6-speed transmission completely out of LEGOs. As someone who would struggle to do this, even with directions, you have to give a hats off to this guy who somehow figured out how to use all sorts of different pieces to bring it all together and come out with a fully functioning end result that’s a lot of fun to watch in action. Something tells me that, in the process of designing this ordeal, there was probably a lot of screaming to go along with it and maybe just a little bit of hair pulling when things didn’t line up correctly, but, as you can see with the finished product, the builder followed through nicely.

Ride along with the sequence down below that shows you exactly how the pieces all came together and how the finished product works wonders. After watching something like this come together, it almost influences you to want to head out and build a custom piece of hardware for yourself. After watching this transmission function, be sure to tell us what you think of the contraption for yourself.

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